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The Create Aid Organization www.createaid.org marks a movement toward the provision of aid for persons in need. We provide aid by raising funds & awareness for suffering sectors of the world population. Our goal is to help connect individuals suffering from physical, emotional and mental distress to existing services that can provide them with the help they may be seeking. In an effort to combine civic social services with creativity, Create Aid supplements civic resources by selling works of Art and occasionally proposing and curating creative projects that address both basic and complex Humanitarian Issues.

Art Gallery

Create Aid also runs an Online Artist Residency/Art Gallery which works to create a Grassroots Movement for the appreciation, promotion and education of the Arts.

With the sale of Artwork we support Artists and the Causes they feel passionate to contribute to.

Global Issues


795 Million


3 Billion


100 Million


1.25 Billion

Mental Illness

450 Million


1 Billion


460 Million


2 million

Climate Change

22.5 million

Environmental Pollution

12.6 million

Human Slavery

21 million

Domestic Violence

1.3 million


Cultivate Compassion

Nurture Creativity

Address Homelessness

Assist Those In Poverty

Fight Discrimination

End Human Slavery

Control Gun Violence

Understand Mental Illness

Teach Tolerance

Create Spiritual Awareness

Strengthen Bonds

Build Support Systems

Pursue Dreams

Actualize Intentions

Transform Systems

"The third economic form will arise not only through the two older forms [Capitalism and Communism] first modifying and then synthesizing one another, but also through the imperative needs of our own time forcing our inventiveness and creativeness to add their special contribution."

Paul Brunton

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