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Create Aid supplements Civic Resources by occasionally Proposing and Curating Creative Projects that address Basic and Complex Humanitarian Issues.

Project Street Shop.

Project Street Shop is a pop-up-street-shop for the needy. Here you can find clothes, food and other items that the needy may find particularly useful such as toothbrushes, feminine hygiene products, water, blankets, tents and sleeping bags.

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Project (Supreme) Peace

A peaceful heart and mind is the foundation for true happiness. Join Create Aid and the House of Supreme Peace and their licensed staff to investigate your being and learn skills to cultivate a more happy and deeply connected existence. Recommended for people struggling to find solace or improve their understanding of themselves.

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Giving to these Campaigns above is a great way to help promote the Arts and support people in need. Consider donating today!

"I have enjoyed making artwork that affects change and brings awareness to suffering populations around the globe."


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